The Atlantic Rainforest of Misiones Province Argentina. One of the WLT Buy an Acre projects.

*Buy now while we can hold the price* As supporters will know, *WLT aims to be as transparent as possible on the claims that we make*. In the Spring we drew attention to the rising costs of saving an acre, primarily as a result of cash-rich speculators looking for a tangible asset in which to invest. We have unrestricted funds in hand to make up the difference on ‘Buy an Acre’ donations received prior to the end of the year but from 1 January *we must increase our One Acre price  to £100*.  (£25 for Quarter of an Acre, £50 for Half an Acre).  But you can still buy your Christmas gifts and save acres for yourself for £50 an acre so *please save as much as you can while we can hold the price.*

-More Information-

For further explanation on how WLT can keep the ‘buy an acre’ price at £50 an acre, read our Summer Appeal Letter (30KB) from WLT trustee Jonathan Self. Save an acre for £50