*Delinquent poodle wins £15 for World Land Trust (WLT)* Mahvro, a rescue poodle, owned by Lyn Griffin who lives in Redditch, won first prize in the ‘Humour’ category in a recent competition at the Fladbury Walkabout, in the Vale of Evesham.

Mahvro WLT’s first dog supporter Photo © Redditch Advertiser

Ms Griffin said:


“We were down by the river and *I put my daughter’s sunglasses on Mahvro for a joke*, thinking he’d shake them off but he seemed to like posing in them. He is a rather a sophisticated looking dog and photographed against the picturesque rural setting struck me as comical which is why I entered him in the ‘Humour’ category’.


Mahvro is a seven-year-old delinquent poodle which Ms Griffin ‘rescued’ three years ago from previous owners  who could not cope with his antics. *Ms Griffin, a WLT partner, and donor for many years, has asked Mahvro to donate his prize money to WLT.*

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