World Land Trust’s (WLT) African partner Nature Kenya has completed the purchase of 51 acres of threatened grassland on the Kinangop Plateau, Kenya, with funds provided by WLT. This is an important milestone for WLT as it represents* the first reserve funded by WLT in Africa. * The new reserve is of vital importance being situated in one of the 61 areas in Kenya recognised as an *Important Bird Area* by Birdlife International.

A 51 acre area in the Kinangop Grasslands is the first reserve funded by WLT in Africa © Nature Kenya.

Nature Kenya is committed to purchasing further* *acres within Kinangop, and has set *a goal of protecting 500 acres.* This target has been established to secure sufficient habitat to *maintain a viable population of the Sharpe’s Longclaw,* an Endangered bird species endemic to Kenya. Nature Kenya is establishing reserves in different locations of the Kinangop Plateau, which *in addition to protecting wildlife, are used as demonstration areas* on how the land can be farmed in an ecologically sustainable way. Although the threat to grasslands does not get as much publicity as the loss of rainforests, they are critically threatened. *WLT aims to raise funds for purchase and protection* of these threatened grasslands, which are home not only to the Sharpe’s Longclaw but also Jackson’s Widowbird and endemic species of amphibian.

The new land purchase will permanently secure habitat for the endangered Sharpes Longclaw © C. Moores

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