*World Land Trust (WLT) has funded our overseas conservation partners to plant 2,167,424 native trees across the world since 2006.”  And plans to plant a million more.*

Simon Barnes plants a tree with Hutan, WLT”€™s partner in Malaysian Borneo. Image: Mary Tibbett / WLT

WLT is fortunate in having an amazing group of Patrons, Trustees, Council members and Ambassadors who have shown their commitment by getting their boots and hands muddy as they plant trees to restore tropical forests with our overseas partners. Below we feature tree planting to restore trees to the Kinabatangan flood plain where we are working with conservation partner, Hutan.

*An opportunity to plant 20,000 native trees in Borneo “€“ help an Orang-utan!*

Trees are currently being planted to restore native forest to 110 acres of land previously cleared for oil palm plantations in Borneo. WLT aims to fund the planting of 20,000 trees on land donated by Genting Plantations which will be incorporated in to the _Keruak Wildlife Corridor_.

See other images below on WLT Council members and Ambassadors planting trees.

*Tree planting in the Kinabatangan floodplain of Malaysian Borneo is a grass roots project*

Tree planting is carried out by Hutan”€™s reforestation team which consists of 10 women from the Sukau community. This work is hugely valuable to the local community as very few of the women in the Kinabatangan villages have permanent jobs. Hutan also offers internships and training for other women in the communities to learn the basics of tree planting and seedling maintenance techniques. The tree seedlings are purchased from village home nurseries, which provides an additional sources of income for village families. The seedlings are then stored at Hutan”€™s nursery collection centre and nurtured by the team until they are ready for planting. The seedling species have been chosen using Hutan”€™s 20 years of research into wild Orang-utan ecology and their feeding habits.

Emma Beckett, WLT Ambassador (left); Dr Isabelle Lackman, co-founder of WLT Bornean partner (Hutan) (middle); Rarely photographed himself, WLT Ambassador and acclaimed photographer, David Bebber (right). Images: Mary Tibbett/WLT, Hutan

*WLT helping the climate crisis. A tree today a forest tomorrow for wildlife and humans.*

The tree planting carried out by WLT and our partners is a win-win situation. More trees are being planted to act as carbon sinks to combat climate change. Local communities are actively involved and forest cover is restored. And by allowing wildlife to move freely along the Kinabatangan River, human-wildlife conflict is reduced. Better still is the fact that forests are connected giving more space for Endangered Orangutans and Pygmy Elephants to move safely helping ensure their long term survival.


Help our partners around the world expand their reforestation efforts by contributing to our Plant a Tree appeal. Just “£5 will enable our partners to plant and care for a tree to maturity.