-*Latest additions to the World Land Trust website*-

Wildlife Focus, the new multimedia website by World Land Trust, has just been updated with virtual tours of the Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador, as well as wildlife video clips from various WLT-funded reserves. Our Ecuadorian partner on this project, Gustavo Morejón, is currently working at Buenaventura preparing to make live the ‘Puro’ webcam, WLT’s Webcam in the Forest. Due to severe weather conditions in the country, with heavy rains, flooding and landslides, we are experiencing significant delays, but we are hoping to have live streaming available on the Wildlife Focus website this afternoon or evening.

Visit our new multimedia site: *Wildlife Focus* *Please note:* If you have visited the site earlier today or yesterday please refresh your browser to see the updated version. (Ctrl + R)

Read about the launch of the Webcam in the Forest project

Soon to come

*To celebrate the launch of the webcam World Land Trust is offering a fantastic prize*: A week’s accommodation at the Umbrella Bird Lodge in the Buenaventura reserve for the first person who discovers a new species of hummingbird whilst watching the webcam. All you have to do if you think you have discovered the 33rd species is freeze frame the footage. You can find full details on this competition on the Wildlife Focus website shortly.