Founded in 1989, the World Land Trust has been successful in saving tropical forests and other habitats in many parts of the world – over 300,000 acres so far. But the Trust lacks any core funding, which is a considerable hindrance to developing new initiatives.

The World Land Trust urgently needs to establish an endowment. We have calculated that an endowment fund of $5million would provide ample for the core running costs AND provide enough funds to ensure new projects could be taken on in a timely manner. One of the problems with land purchase is that generally action needs to be rapid. When land comes on the market, we generally need a rapid response, and need to make a deposit to secure it. An endowment, would produce the income needed to make these downpayments.

Can you, your company, or someone you know help? It’s only 10 donors of $500,000 each or 100 donors of $50,000. Not a lot to secure the future of a cost effective and dynamic organisation.

If you think you can help, please contact John Burton (CEO) on (44) 1986 8974422 or email at