-Make 2009 the year you take a “Save the Rainforest” pledge! (No donations necessary)-

We are sometimes asked if there are alternative ways of supporting the WLT for those who are unable to donate to save acres. In light of the current economic climate we feel it is timely to highlight other ways that help us save threatened habitats.

How to make a pledge

1. Have a look at our Save rainforests page for inspiration on how to take small but simple steps to save rainforests and other important ecosystems. 2. Make a pledge /either/ on the discussion board of the WLT’s Facebook group /or/ make one as a comment on this page.

Please join us in taking a pledge to Take Positive Action in 2009!

Update 11th February:

If you take the pledge before the end of February, you will have the chance to win a wonderful new book; Rainforest Safari.

We have one copy to give away, which will be sent to a randomly chosen participant in March. (If you choose to leave your pledge on this page, rather than on Facebook, please copy your pledge and email it to us as well, if you would like to be entered into the draw. Otherwise we won’t be able to contact you if you win! We would suggest not putting your email address in your comment as it may be picked up by ‘spam robots’.)

Update 30th March:

Thank you all for making pledges! A winner has been selected, but you can still continue to make pledges – the more ideas we can all share, the better.

Read a review of Rainforest Safari here.