Victoria Crowed Pigeon (Goura victoria) nesting in the Tropical Realm at Chester Zoo Photo © Andrew Owen, Curator of Birds.

The rebuild of the World Land Trust’s (WLT) RHS Chelsea Flower Show Exhibit came to a halt in June after* a Victoria Crowned Pigeon* (/Goura Victoria)/ nested in the Tropical Realm, at Chester Zoo, where the exhibit is under construction. The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is a spectacular turkey-sized bird from New Guinea and is the *largest pigeon species in the world*. Classed as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of endangered species, the wild population of this beautiful bird is declining due to hunting, but it is part of a captive breeding programme currently being run at Chester Zoo. The Tropical Realm is home to 43 free-flying and breeding birds and this is the first breeding success for a Victoria Crowned Pigeon at the zoo for many years. *WLT’s /Saving the Atlantic Rainforest/ Exhibit *is being relocated to Chester Zoo which is a wonderful outcome and will give more people an opportunity to see a little bit of Atlantic Rainforest for themselves. As joint holders of the National Collection of /Pleurothallid/ orchids Chester Zoo generously loaned a number of specimen plants which significantly enhanced the Chelsea exhibit. The exhibit*,* consists of a rangers hut, tree nursery and medicinal plant garden, and will be used as an educational display at the zoo. *Visitors to the zoo will be able to look at the award winning (Gold Medal and Best in Section) garden* as soon as keepers are sure that the single chick will not be disturbed by completion of the building work.

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Read further information about the exciting hatching on Chester Zoo’s website. Read more about the Chelsea Flower Show exhibit and Chester Zoo’s involvement on WLT’s Chelsea pages.