The River Kinabatangan floodplain, in the federal State of Sabah in Malaysia, where forest will be saved from conversion to oil palm plantations, thanks to Orang-utan Appeal supporters. (See a larger image of the area here.)

World Land Trust (WLT) launched its Orang-utan Appeal in July 2008 and this was followed by the launch of the Cambridge Rainforest Appeal raising funds for this project too. Both have received tremendous support and we have almost reached our first target! This means that a down payment for this land can now be made and these forests saved forever as safe havens for Orang-utans and other threatened wildlife.

Our project partners LEAP Conservancy are currently looking at other critical orang-utan corridors for WLT support and the more funds we can raise the more forests we can save. Our appeal will continue through 2009 and is just as vital, as more and more forests in Borneo are being converted to Oil Palm plantations. All donations that exceed our current target will go towards the purchase of the next piece of rainforest.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, and please keep up your support to save more Orang-utans for the future.

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