A research team based at WLT project partner’s reserve *REGUA* have *discovered the presence of a new species in the area*. The *Slender Anole* (/Anolis fuscoauratus/), a forest dwelling lizard, was discovered in a 133 ha forest fragment, partly owed by REGUA.

Slender Anole (/Anolis fuscoauratus/) – a new species to REGUA. Photo © Davor Vrcibradic. Click on the image to see a larger version.

The species has a wide distribution in South America but had *previously not been well documented in the Atlantic Rainforest* and its range had not been confirmed to extend to Rio State. This finding brings the known reptile species for the state to 131 and adds a second Anole species to the list.

Distribution notes on this species are now available on the REGUA website: *Reptilia, Polychrotidae, Anolis fuscoauratus: Distribution extension* (PDF, 174KB, opens in new window)

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