Jaguars are known to occur in the newly purchased area of oak forest (the insert shows an oak tree). The jaguar photo was taken using a camera trap. These cameras are put up around the reserve by Roberto Pedraza, along with Ben and Alina Lenth.

With financial support from the Farrington Trust, the World Land Trust has been able to fund the purchase of 741 acres (300 ha) of threatened Oak forest earlier this month, working with WLT Partners, Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda (GESG) in Mexico.

In addition to this area Sierra Gorda are currently finalising negotiations for the purchase of a further 494 acres (200 ha) in Pine and Oak Cloud Forest within the Biosphere Reserve. GESG were able to negotiate a price lower than previously quoted by the owners for both these properties meaning that the balance can be used towards the next forest purchase. GESG has its eye on a 494 acre (200 ha) property with more pine-oak and old growth cloud forest, and if they are successful in securing this property it will significantly increase the area under protection for the benefit of its biodiversity.

All six of Mexico’s cat species are found in this region: Jaguars, Ocelots, Jaguarundis, Margays, Pumas and Bobcats.

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