*/Gran Pantanal Paraguay/*, a *new book on the Pantanal landscape, wildlife and people* has been launched this month by World Land Trust (WLT) Project Partner Guyra Paraguay, in collaboration with photographer, Emily Y. Horton.

Gran Pantanal Paraguay – the new book by Guyra Paraguay and Emily Y. Horton “© Emily Y. Horton.

The Giant Otter (/Pteronura brasiliensis/) is just one of the endangered species found in the Pantanal “© Emily Y. Horton.

*Emily has previously worked closely with Guyra Paraguay,* on the creation of a highly successful book celebrating the Atlantic Forest of San Rafael. This second bilingual book” *brings to life” the beauty of the unique, yet threatened, wetland habitat of the Paraguayan Pantanal*. The British author and broadcaster Tony Hawks, who is also a WLT supporter, was captivated with the area after undertaking a trip in 2008 with WLT. He stayed at the remote Three Giants Biological Station during his visit to the 35,000 acre Chaco-Pantanal Reserve. *Tony”€™s comments about the area are included on the back cover of /Gran Pantanal Paraguay/: * “/Emily Y. Horton builds on the success of her previous book ‘Saving San Rafael’ to bring you *deep into the heart of the magnificent Pantanal through inspirational photography and illustrative narrative.* The Pantanal is the largest wetland on Earth, spanning the borders of Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay, and presents an oasis of soaring toucans, playful otters and prowling jaguars “€¦ Conservation of the wetland needs to be a global priority/. ”

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Guyra Paraguay has compiled a short video, filmed by Emily during her time in the Pantanal. The video on DVD accompanies the publication, but can also be viewed on the WLT’s Chaco-Pantanal project page. Gran Pantanal Paraguay is available to purchase from the NHBS website