Roberto Pedraza, Technical Officer from World Land Trust (WLT) Mexican partner Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda (GESG) recently *took part in a workshop on climate change with Mr. Al Gore, former vice-president of the United States* and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. This was the second workshop Roberto attended as part of ‘The Climate Project’ headed by Mr. Gore.

The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, where Roberto Pedraza is talking with local communities about climate change issues.

The workshops are aimed at training *volunteers how to alert the general public about climate change.* During these workshops, each participant learns how to give a presentation based on the bestselling book and documentary by Al Gore: /An Inconvenient Truth/. Those trained at the workshops *become official ‘Climate Project’ presenters* committed to directing the message of the fight against climate change into their communities. To date the outcomes of the workshops have clearly had far reaching results; the most recent workshop was attended by 650 presenters from 26 countries who have *voluntarily given presentations to 7 million people on climate change issues*. In GESG’s region alone, 18 presentations have been given, reaching an audience of ca. 1,400 people from the Sierra Gorda, San Luis Potosí, and the City of Querétaro in Mexico. *Quote from Al Gore during the First Latin American Meeting in Mexico City, 2009: *


“/Roberto Pedraza is an extraordinary example of the millions of citizens worldwide who have been motivated by the call to act against the climate crisis. We are delighted that he has made a serious commitment to address this challenge/”


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Visit ‘‘The Climate Project website’ Read the WLT Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve project page.