*Thoman Danthony and Clare Mabin curate Touch Wood at Truman Brewery”€™s Dray Walk Gallery, London.*

Artwork by Kristin Texeira

Between 17 “€“ 20 October, Touch Wood will display original art work from 50 celebrated international artists, including Nathalie Du Pasquier, Hey Studio and Damien Poulain. Each piece has been created on a 30x30cm piece of wood to reflect the artist”€™s relationship with nature: “€œthe collective hope for all involved is that their creations help protect that which inspires them.”€

From hopeful, spiritual and poetic, to nostalgic or critical, each piece of art is a unique exploration of the artist. Some pieces are figurative, drawing from elements of nature, while others have sought to embrace the rawness of their chosen materials. Every piece is for sale at “£333, so together the exhibition will be able to save around 172 acres of threatened habitat, nearly the same size as Greenwich Park.

Artwork by Malika Favre

The exhibition is also supporting WLT”€™s Plant a Tree” programme through contactless donation points at the gallery and an accompanying artbook featuring the work from the show.


The exhibition is open 11.00am “€“ 20.00pm, from 18 “€“ 20 October at Dray Walk Gallery, The Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, Shoreditch.

You can see more of the featured artwork on Instagram