Three species new to Khe Nuoc Trong Forest and Quang Binh province have been discovered thanks to an amphibian and reptile survey ” carried out by Viet Nature Conservation Centre (Viet Nature) with support from World Land Trust (WLT).

The three species not previously recorded in the forest are a species of Bow-fingered Gecko /(Cyrtodactylus pseudoquadrivirgatus)/, Square-headed Cat Snake /(Boiga kraepelini)/ and /Quasipaa verrucospinosa/, a species of spiny frog, which is classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The study took place in three areas of the forest, which is located in Vietnam”€™s Quang Binh province, one of the provinces in Vietnam with the highest diversity of herpetology thanks to its karst limestone landscape.

In total the study recorded 31 species of reptiles and 26 species of amphibians. Of these species, 10 are found on the IUCN Red List, including Bourret”€™s Box Turtle /(Cuora galbinifrons bourreti)/, which is Critically Endangered.

WLT currently supports a forest conservation initiative in Khe Nuoc Trong, which is regarded as one of the best remaining tracts of Annamite Lowland Forest in Vietnam. The project has been designed to balance the needs of people, wildlife and the environment.

*Carbon Balanced*

Funding for the improved protection of the entire forest comes via WLT”€™s Carbon Balanced programme, which enables companies to offset their unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by protecting and restoring carbon” rich wildlife habitats.

Habitat loss and degradation from illegal logging and fragmentation from road construction are serious threats facing the species in Khe Nuoc Trong. Illegal hunting for trade and consumption adds further pressure to the fauna in the forest, with species such as the Indochinese Water Dragon /(Physignathus cocincinus)/ in high demand as a delicacy food.

This study, along with other studies of flora and fauna in Khe Nuoc Trong will help to determine wildlife hotspots and aid biodiversity management and sustainable protection measures.

*Keepers of the Wild*

WLT funds a team of rangers in Khe Nuoc Trong and a” donation to WLT”€™s Keepers of the Wild programme will ensure ongoing monitoring of species in the reserve.

In July 2015 WLT launched Keepers of the Wild 2020, an appeal to raise “£750,000 to guarantee WLT”€™s ranger support programme until 2020. You can help fund the work of rangers in Vietnam” by donating to Keepers of the Wild 2020.

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