The first workshop as part of a knowledge exchange with African non governmental organisations (NGOs) was held in February in Akosombo, Ghana.

Participants and trainers of the first workshop held in Akosombo, Ghana.

Centre: A one to one consultation with Yaya Ouattara (AGEREF, CL) and Jan Kamastra (IUCN-NL). Above: Denis Slieker from Face for the Future speaking at the workshop.

Focussing on using Carbon as a mechanism for funding conservation, 22 organisations participated from all over Africa. 34 people attended, including trainers, staff and representatives from IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands (IUCN-NL). Co-ordinated by Kristina Turner of the World Land Trust (WLT), the programme is a joint initiative between WLT and IUCN-NL through their Ecosystem Grants Programme.

The workshop was a great success thanks to a combination of excellent trainers and motivated participants discussing many exciting potential projects and ideas for the future.

The trainers (alongside WLT’s Roger Wilson) included John Mason from Nature Conservation Research Centre in Ghana (NCRC ), Khosi Ramachela from the Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) South Africa, and Denis Slieker from Face the Future (formerly the FACE Foundation) from the Netherlands; all of whom have extensive experience in using carbon as a funding mechanism. Rebecca Absalom from WLT acted as rapporteur and assisted the trainers and participants.

A second workshop will take place in early May in Uganda, concentrating on a smaller number of NGOs identified at the first workshop as most likely to benefit from this more detailed and practical training.