News update from World Land Trust corporate supporters Howard Smith Paper Group, who are supporting the Trust through their Greencoat 55 and eco-friendly photo inkjet paper where 35p per pack sold is donated to the World Land Trust.

Howard Smith Paper Group has announced that it has now contributed more than £7,000 towards the Trust’s conservation and restoration work since the beginning of this year.

Early last year, and following extensive preliminary research into possible charitable partners, HSP Retail formed an alliance with the World Land Trust, whose patron is Sir David Attenborough.

For every specific product pack sold Howard Smith Paper Group is donating 35p to The World Land Trust, who support local partners to buy and protect ecologically important habitats around the world. Donations have been made from sales of environmental photo paper products in WH Smith’s (£2,187.50) and The Dixon Stores Group (£2,432.50).

In addition, the products are carbon-balanced, which ensures carbon emissions from the manufacture and distribution of the papers are completely offset through forest restoration and protection schemes.

Mike Thomsett, Managing Director of HSP Retail said: “We are delighted to have achieved this target in our support of The World Land Trust, which we feel is a worthy charitable organisation and does some tremendous work in its field.”

“Our work is only made possible through the generous support of companies and organisations like HSPG who donate alongside all our individual supporters”, says John Burton, CEO of the World Land Trust. “It shows that commercial industry and environmental charities can work in partnership to save threatened wilderness areas and reduce the detrimental impact that humans have on the environment.”