Do you have images of *Maned Wolves, Spectacled Bears *or *Giant Anteaters? The World Land Trust are currently producing a new educational fundraising resource called *Running in the Corridors to encourage teachers and students to raise money for current World Land Trust supported project areas.

As part of the resource for Key Stages 1 and 2, we are putting together some animal based educational presentations to be used by teachers in schools. But we have a problem. *We are having trouble finding photos of some of our more elusive reserve residents*and in particular getting images of Maned Wolves, Spectacled Bears and Giant Anteaters.

We are *asking for photographers who have any high resolution photos of these species (preferably in the wild) to please donate their usage to WLT to support our fundraising efforts.* Of course, absolutely no commercial financial gain will be made from the images and the photographer will always be fully acknowledged.