*Finnish company, Innogreen, have supported World Land Trust (WLT) since 2011 making a donation for every square metre of Green Wall they install. WLT is firmly at the heart of their business model and Dan Bradbury, WLT”€™s Director of Development and Communications was inspired by their story when he visited them in May.*

It was 8 years ago when three friends Jaakko Pesonen, Mikko Sonninen and Oula Harjula ” got together to start a business to improve people”€™s indoor environments. Green House Effect was launched and they set about greening interior spaces.

At the start of their journey they contacted WLT and talked about the tropical plants they were using in their green walls. Of course, none of the plants are taken from the wild but all the same they wanted to demonstrate something tangible to support the beliefs of their business. The result saw an agreement whereby they donated “£25 for every square metre of Green Wall they installed. They have been extremely successful and have funded more than 1million m”² of land purchase and protection in *Mexico*, *Colombia*, *Ecuador* and *Argentina*.

Going from strength to strength the company recently purchased a larger company Innogreen and have subsequently changed their name from Green House Effect to Innogreen.”  This year Innogreen is celebrating its 30^th anniversary, and was the reason for my visit to Finland. Each year the team puts on an event to Helsinki”€™s design community and I was invited to talk about WLT”€™s work and the way the partnership with the company works. It was also an opportunity for them to demonstrate how effective they have been and to explain how forming a strong relationship with an environmental not-for-profit has benefited both parties. It was an impressive event and Innogreen is clearly well respected and an influencer in their field. Their green walls and other plantings adorn many buildings including *Oodi* – the central library in Helsinki.

-How WLT works with corporate supporters-

WLT had been able to develop a partnership and sign a simple agreement with Innogreen without the need to meet but visiting Finland gave me an opportunity cement the relationship. Before embarking on a corporate partnership WLT needs to carry out due diligence and seek assurances that the partnership will be fulfilling for both the company and the charity. We then aim to build on that relationship for greater benefits. In the case of Innogreen I was able to talk about their ethos and to learn that each director has a clear role to play in the business. I was interested to learn that one member of the team has an environmental background having studied REDD+ so has a real understanding of the impact that their business and the materials they use have on the natural world. As a group they ensure that they take decisions that will have the biggest impact for their business, while limiting any negative effects naturally.

I was also able to meet the supplier of their plants and other businesses associates of Innogreen. At WLT we do not “€œcold call”€ and all the companies we work with have either found us or have been introduced. Consequently, it was a pleasure to meet some of Innogreen”€™s contacts who were keen to know more about WLT and to discuss wider conservation challenges in person.


By visiting our website you will see that there are many ways to support WLT – as an individual or as a business. You might decide for purely philanthropic reasons or you could choose to offset your unavoidable carbon emissions through our Carbon Balanced programme. We do not believe in a “€œone size fits all”€ approach and aim to be flexible in helping those who are genuinely trying to do the right thing. If are interested in supporting WLT and our overseas conservation partners and would like to know more please contact us at Info@worldlandtrust.org or call us on 01986 874422