*The World Land Trust (WLT) is funding the expansion of a new reserve in Mexico to provide a refuge for endangered species like the Jaguar and Puma*

El Jagüeycito Reserve, the 308 acres (125 ha) recently secured by GESG is a refuge for threatened species. Photo © GESG.

For the first time this year, our land purchase projects in Mexico are being supported by the Buy an Acre fund. It is therefore *great news that WLT is able to secure 308 acres (125 hectares) of land.* Our partners, *Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG)* *are working hard to expand their network of reserves *to protect about 9,884 acres (4,000 ha) of threatened habitat so far. The new purchase is to be known as El Jagüeycito reserve. It is near the Santa María River Canyon, an area of oak forest that provides *a key refuge for threatened species including Jaguar*, Great Curassows, Ocelot , and Puma. In danger of extinction, these species have been documented in the area by camera traps with infra-red triggers. Not only has this given us a great insight into the area’s most impressive yet elusive species, *their presence also indicates that the habitat of this new reserve area is of great ecological integrity*. Roberto Pedraza, Technical Officer with our partners GESG said:


“This land has important biological value and will be dedicated to strict conservation. *If it was not to be purchased, the property would have been cleared for cattle ranching at great cost to the biodiversity* of our area and country. With excellent support from our partners the World Land Trust it will be dedicated to conservation in perpetuity. This will allow for the reserve’s regeneration, to be maintained as a real sanctuary for the area’s wildlife.”


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