/News update from World Land Trust sponsors Stafford Railway Building Society, who are supporting the Trust through their affinity account:/

ECO FRIENDLY savers are helping to save the planet by opening World Land Trust affinity accounts.

More than 200 people have opened this account at The Stafford Railway Building Society and to mark its ongoing success, when the 250th person opens this account, Sir David Attenborough will sign a commemorative certificate.

The World Land Trust affinity account is a postal account which enables members to save money and threatened habitats at the same time. The Society donates 1% of the average yearly balance to the World Land Trust.

So far, Stafford Railway has donated £5,828.26 to the Trust and plans to make another donation in October.

The World Land Trust, whose patron is Sir David Attenborough, is an international conservation organisation which acts to purchase and protect threatened rainforest and other biologically important lands. The charity has already saved more than 375,000 acres of vital wildlife habitat.

George Robson, manager at the Stafford Railway Building Society, said:

“There are a growing number of people opening this postal savings account as it gives all the standard services but also benefits a charity. I?ve been a personal supporter of the World Land Trust for many years and am delighted so many people are joining the Society and showing their support too.”

John Burton, CEO of the World Land Trust, said:

“We are very grateful to Stafford Railway and their savers for donations to date which have enabled us to save around 200 acres of wilderness that would otherwise have been lost forever. Their ongoing commitment means that we can take direct action to save more tropical forests and wildlife habitats worldwide on their behalf.”

Savers can invest between £250 and £250,000 into the World Land Trust affinity account. Savers get a savings rate of 3.70% Gross/AER and in addition, 1% of the average yearly balance goes to the World Land Trust.

If World Land Trust supporters take out a mortgage with the Society, or transfer an existing mortgage to it, the Society will make a payment to the World Land Trust.