*Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we have raised “£165,000 so 400 acres of tropical forest threatened by the construction of a road can be purchased and protected in the Amazonian Andes of Ecuador.*

We are thrilled to announce that with the help of our generous supporters we reached our goal of “£165,000 that will ensure this habitat can be put into the care of our partner Fundación Jocotoco, protecting one of the most species rich habitats on Earth.

“€œThe wildlife there is extraordinary,”€ says Charlotte Beckham, Conservation Programmes Manager at World Land Trust. “€œAs it contains species from both the alpine and wet tropical habitats, it is one of the most species-rich wild areas on Earth, where Amazonian species such as the magnificent Harpy Eagle, Lowland Tapir and two sloth species can be found alongside animals known from the Andes such as the Spectacled Bear and Andean Cock-of-the-rock.”€

**Action underway**

Since the funds were raised so quickly, with particular thanks to corporate supporter Humble Bundle, World Land Trust”€™s partner in Ecuador, Fundación Jocotoco, has already been able to purchase 263 acres that were immediately available.

“€œIt is an incredible achievement,”€ adds Charlotte. “€œWe had a huge response from our supporters, and we needed to raise funds as quickly as possible as our partner in Ecuador had identified a crucial property that would otherwise have been sold for agriculture.

“€œWhat is particularly important is that the property lies within a corridor between Jocotoco”€™s Narupa Reserve and neighbouring National Parks. The purchase also reduces the need for a planned road which would further isolate the reserve which isn”€™t currently large enough to sustain viable populations of the threatened species.”€

**Permanent protection**

Martin Schaefer, Executive Director of Fundación Jocotoco, thanks the supporters who have made this possible: “€œI would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to World Land Trust and all their supporters for helping us to protect critical habitat in the Amazonian Andes in Ecuador.

“€œThis area harbours arguably a higher concentration of biodiversity than any other area in the world. Yet, it is severely threatened by strong deforestation. Annual deforestation is 10 per cent in the Ecuadorian foothills, where Amazonian and Andean species mingle.

“€œFundación Jocotoco protects this critical habitat through our Narupa Reserve which we were able to expand by 262 acres thanks to your support. We will further extend Narupa Reserve to protect Military Macaws along with many other globally threatened animal and plant species.”€

**More information**

The ongoing protection of reserves created and managed by World Land Trust”€™s partners is supported by our Keepers of the Wild programme, which funds the salaries, equipment and other resources needed by the men and women providing frontline defence for wildlife.

Further support for land purchases is made possible by donors to our Action Fund, especially the monthly donations of World Land Trust Friends, which sends funds to our most urgent projects as opportunities become available.