*/Guest blog by WLT’s web manager, Helena Akerlund, who spent some time in Paraguay last year volunteering with Guyra Paraguay./*

I have been “ordered” by John to write a blog for the next month, so here we go: I’m in Paraguay, volunteering with GUYRA, WLT’s partner organisation, which will involve visiting at least two of their reserves: San Rafael and Chaco-Pantanal.

Paraguay is a great destination for anyone intrested in seeing wildlife, as despite its relatively small area (roughly the size of Germany), the country provides several vastly different wildlife habitats, offering those on a limited budget – or those stretched for time – fantastic opportunities to see a lot without having to travel long distances.

Paraguay is still recovering from its many years of dictatorship and there is still relatively litte tourism (backpackers are virtually absent). Hopefully I’ll inspire at least some people to come and volunteer or travel here!

The first destination: San Rafael. Leaving tomorrow morning, we’ll be spending a few days recording rare birds. I’m very excited although slightly worried as I know nothing of Paraguayan birds (or any other birds for that matter!). Time to do some intensive studying of the bird guides! I’ll report back when I return to the Guyra office in Asunción.