The top photo shows the area before the creation of the wetland; the bottom one shows the completed wetland area.

Nocholas Locke of REGUA, World Land Trust partners in Brazil, reports in the latest newsletter from the organisation:

“Our second wetland is now in place and finished. It has increased the water surface area by a vast amount and we have planted our forested edge using naturally occurring Tabebuia cassinoides. This forest will allow us to plant the rare orchids that used to grow wild in the wetlands, Cattleya harrisoniana. We are ever so happy and the views from the lodge of the entire area are truly unbelievable.”

“Both REGUA wetlands have now become a most extraordinary sanctuary. The bird species count is in excess of 200 species and the mammal count rising to include a family of 8 capivaras, some 12 beady eyed yellow snouted caiman as well as Giant snipe, Whistling herons, Masked duck, Brazilian teal and the Pinneated bittern.”

“We are so incredibly happy with the results , and there isn’t a day which doesn’t surprise us with its results.”  

-Visit the reserve:- has a suggested itinerary for a 5 day visit to the Guapi Assu Bird Lodge, Brazil.