Very few people believe the ‘green’, ‘eco’ or ‘responsible’ claims that practically every business now appears to make. However, increasing numbers of people care very strongly about Social Environmental and Ethical (SEE) issues and evidence suggests a growing number of companies are demonstrably committed to the best policy and practice in their business activities. But unless these passionate people and committed businesses can easily identify each other, SEE consumerism will only ever happen at the margin, genuine SEE businesses will lose market share to companies that just ‘greenwash’ and we will all suffer as a result.

Since 2005, World Land Trust has supported the development of the SEE Companies initiative. Participating businesses are required to answer the SEE Questionnaire – 35 questions across 7 Social, Environmental and Ethical topic areas – that has been developed with the assistance the World Land Trust and 15 other expert groups. Companies’ responses, descriptions of the policies and practices in their own words, are published for public scrutiny and monitoring on Companies that are willing to be transparent and accountable in this way can be identified by the SEE Companies logo on their marketing and packaging. The logo will make it easier for people to make decisions about buying goods and services, making investments or even choosing a job, based on clear SEE criteria.

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