WLT has received well over 350 responses to the questionnaire that was sent online and as a form with the Late Summer newsletter. We would like to thank everyone who completed the questionnaire. The information you supplied is invaluable in helping us shape what we do, and how we plan for the future.

*How do you feel about the Big Give Christmas Challenge?*

Many of you told us that you plan to donate to the Big Give (6-8 December), which is great news and really helpful to us to know that we can count on your support. If the “£120,000 target is met for Keepers of the Wild, it will secure funding for wildlife wardens for the next two years. We shall email reminders before the Big Give as requested, and even a small donation will make a difference.

*How do you want us to use your donations?*

Just over half of online respondents (54%) are happy for WLT to use their donation as most needed, 46% prefer to support land purchase and 21% are happy to support WLT partner organisations with the on-going protection of their reserves.”  As one respondent put it:* “I prefer to support land purchase as a priority, but will help [support the] protection of existing reserves and special projects when asked.”*

When we surveyed our supporters a year ago in 2011, those unable to donate made up just over a fifth of responses. One year on, the number of respondents not currently donating has almost halved to 12%. We really appreciate this renewed support in difficult economic times.

There is support for WLT”€™s light-touch approach to fundraising. The feelings expressed in one comment are probably shared by many of you: *“I am increasingly annoyed by the demands made by other charities in their efforts to increase their fundraising. I don’t feel good about donating when I feel pressured to do so.”  I have never had such experiences with WLT, and would love to think that this will continue to be the case.”*

One respondent, who makes a donation to WLT on Mother”€™s Day every year, made a particularly moving comment:* “I donate “£50 every year on mother’s day as a way of remembering and celebrating my Mum who died 2 years ago. I can’t buy her birthday or Christmas presents anymore, so I donate the money I would have spent on her to WLT instead. I know she would have approved.”*

*Would you remember WLT in your will?*

The questionnaire responses were particularly helpful on the subject of legacies. Those of you who asked for more details, please don”€™t think we have forgotten you. In light of the excellent feedback we are redrafting our legacy information, and we shall send it as soon as it is ready. Some of you expressed interest in joining a Legacy Circle. We are planning a trial event in the spring and will contact interested supporters when we have more details. The Legacy Circle will be open to everyone who has mentioned WLT in their will, whatever the size and nature of the bequest, and we hope that the Circle will evolve in response to supporter feedback.

*WLT News and eBulletins, we asked for feedback*

Generally speaking, respondents like the optimistic tone of newsletters and ebulletins and are glad that the news updates are “€˜not all doom and gloom”€™ but have a call to action that helps everyone to feel involved. One supporter writes encouragingly: *“The paper update is one of my favourite reads from all the charities I support, filled with positive stories and nice photos. Keep it up!”*

Many of your own comments are encouraging and enthusiastic. One respondent wrote:* “I’ve been a supporter “€¦ ever since I coordinated a collection in my office at British Airways for the original Programme for Belize. How many years ago was that? Must be more than 20 years!”*

*John Burton, WLT CEO says*

*“The feedback from our questionnaires is vital to our work, and ensures that our supporters are truly integrated into what I have always regarded as a team effort. Our overseas project partners, our business supporters, staff and board, feed off the enthusiasm of the individuals who support us. It is particularly encouraging that despite the economic recession, our regular supporters “€˜Friends of the WLT”€™ (formerly WLT Partners) have steadily increased in number. And from a single project 23 years ago, we now able support a network of 27 partner organisations, all saving wonderful habitats and their stunning wildlife.”*

/[Please note where percentages are cited they are calculated from online responses]/