In August, 40 Yellow-shouldered Parrot (/Amazona barbadensis/) chicks successfully fledged and flew free in the area of La Chica, Margarita Island, Venezuela. World Land Trust (WLT) project partner Provita protect this locally Endangered species, ” through a programme which includes continual monitoring of nests to protect against poaching.

Adult Yellow-shouldered Parrot (Amazona barbadensis) in nest “©Provita

This” highly successful” programme has now ensured approximately 30* new fledglings a year fly free that previously would have been threatened by collection *for the pet trade. Sadly nests outside Provita”€™s surveillance do not fare as well, and at present,”  almost 100% of eggs and young are taken before they can fledge.”  However, the good news is that thanks to the support of Loro Parque Fundación and Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Trust, Provita will be able *to extend monitoring of Yellow-shouldered Parrot nests to Chacaracual,* the area purchased with the support of WLT funds.”  Margarita Island has the largest populations of the endangered Yellow-shouldered Parrots in Venezuela, as it contains important stands of dry forest habitat that the parrots need for nesting. Thanks to the indefatigable work of Provita they have managed to increase the population from 750 to 2000 individuals in 20 years.

A ring being fitted on a Yellow-shouldered Parrot chick “© Provita

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