Primary and secondary schools all over the country are taking part in the *Who Will Save Us? Children’s & Young People’s Project* using book sales to raise funds. The books are bought for a reduced rate and then marked up and sold on by the children themselves. They then choose how they’d like to spend the proceeds to help combat climate change. We know some schools have already donated to the World Land Trust through this scheme but /if you or your school decides to get involved with this project and would like to donate to the WLT we’d love to hear about it/.

The project is the brain child of Rebecca Mørch, a published artist from Devon, as a result of her research into Antarctic penguins for her artwork. The beautifully illustrated book ‘/Who Will Save Us/?’ is used as the tool to raise funds and aims to teach children (and adults) about the issues surrounding climate change. The book follows a group of penguins as they discover the effects it is having on their home and offers practical advice and ideas for positive action that we can all take.

Contact details and more information on the project can be found at the Who will Save Us website.