These photographs record the growth of the World Land Trust’s ‘exhibit tree’ in the Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador, owned and managed by WLT partners Fundación Jocotoco.

The photo at the top was taken at the planting ceremony in November 2004 when Nigel Simpson, a WLT Trustee and co-founder of Fundación Jocotoco, and Jane Krish (also a WLT Trustee) were visiting Ecuador. The photograph shows FJ staff members Javier Robeyo and Leonidas Cabrera with the small seedling Inga tree.

The photograph in the centre, demonstrating the growth of the tree, with Nigel Simpson standing alongside, was taken in 2006 and in November 2007 the photo below it was taken. As Nigel says, “it is now too big to fit in my camera frame”!

This spectacular growth shows the ability for forest regeneration in hot and wet areas that have been cleared in the past. Inga trees are particularly good species for soil restoration, and the fruits and seeds provide important food for wildlife.

Left: Rene Rivas, (FJ’s forester) is seen here wearing his WLT Tree T-shirt. He is standing alongside one of this year’s plantings in the Buenaventura Reserve.

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