/By John Burton, WLT Founder CEO/

Last night we spent a very enjoyable evening with” Frans Van Tilborg, the Director of” Miko Coffee.

Miko have, through their organic coffee brand,” Puro, been” supporting the WLT” for several years, and have seen a spectacular growth in their coffee sales. We are very enthused, because we have a Puro Coffee machine in our office, and we have no difficulty in being salespeople for the brand, because it really is first rate coffee, freshly ground for every cup. So much do we enjoy our coffee that when the machine is being cleaned or serviced, minor panic ensues among staff until it’s up and running again!

If you run a business, or control a school staff-room, or anywhere else where coffee is drunk in medium to large quantities do give it a try, and know that you will be supporting the WLT — and the environment where this coffee is grown.