The fundraising website Everyclick has launched the new site Give as you live. This is a free way for you to donate to your favourite charity while you search, shop and trade on the web.

It could not be easier to participate: Simply visit the Everyclick World Land Trust page. Click on the Get Involved! button and this will make sure that every time you visit the Everyclick site in the future, Everyclick will allocate all your activity to the WLT. If you sign in to Everyclick you will also have the ability to track how much you have donated just by searching the web.

So far Everyclick has raised £1 million for charities and if just 10% of UK internet searches happened on Everyclick then an extra £77 million would be given to charity every year!

WLT supporters have raised over £3,000 on Everyclick already, so next time you are surfing the web think about saving threatened habitat for free, by using Give as you Live.