/Top/: The Eco club on a visit to the Three Giants lodge, together with Guyra staff. /Above/: The radio station at Baha Negra.

WLT’s Web Information Manager, Helena kerlund, recently visited the reserves in Paraguay and came back with lots of praise for the work of Guyra Paraguay – as well as an appeal. “Guyra is seeking funding to help the local radio station in the Pantanal settlement of Baha Negra and to build a small, simple lodge for staff to stay in whilst working in Baha Negra and at the Chaco-Pantanal Reserve”, Helena explains.

Radio Baha Negra was started with a grant obtained by the local Eco Club – a group of enthusiastic teenagers who, with the help of Guyra Paraguay, are learning about conservation and reserve management. The radio station provides a vital service to the very isolated community at Baha Negra, but is housed in a simple building without a proper floor, making the high-tech equipment vulnerable to rain water seeping in. A simple concrete floor would cost less than $100 and would make all the difference.

Guyra staff working at the reserve currently have to pay other organisations or individuals for overnight accommodation when they visit the area. “A small lodge, providing rustic accommodation, would make their lives a lot easier, and their visits more cost-effective”, says Helena. The plan is to build the accommodation in the grounds of the radio station, where it is ideally located for Guyra Paraguay’s work with the local community.

This type of funding falls outside WLT’s land purchase remit, but we know our supporters are keen to get involved in the projects – and this gives you an opportunity to contribute directly to a local initiative in an extremely isolated part of Paraguay. To make a donation towards Guyra’s community work in the Pantanal, please donate to the Chaco/Pantanal Project, Paraguay as normal, but indicate that you would like the money to go to Bahia Negra (in the “extra requirements” or “comments” box if donating online, or by mentioning it to WLT staff if donating by phone.)