*Help save wildlife habitat every time you shop online with the new Give as You Live App and it won’t cost you a single penny*. Download the *free Give as you Live App* to your computer today and start helping the World Land Trust (WLT) save wildlife habitats across the world. Simply choose the charity you wish to donate to and *the retailer will send, on average, 2.5 per cent of every pound* you spend to your favourite cause. This App, is a great new addition to Give as you live which was launched last year. It is designed so that your online shopping is not restricted to a handful of websites and *you never pay more for your purchases.* You can shop from over 1,000 stores, choosing from 15 million products. Simply shop online and the App will let you know how you can start raising funds with just one click. Although the Give as you Live App isn’t officially launched until March 2011,* you can download it today and start shopping to benefit wildlife* and their habitats.

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Visit the Give as you Live website and Download the App to your computer Using Everyclick as your search engine is one of our 10 ways to help save rainforest