In the latest newsletter from REGUA, WLT’s partner organisation in Brazil, Nicholas Locke writes:

/”REGUA now employs 7 rangers covering close to 7 000 hectares. This in turn has enabled researchers to study the existing flora and flora with some fascinating results. Amongst several projects taking place currently at REGUA, there are three projects studying amphibians.”/

One team of researchers is studying forest remnant species and populations of amphibians , comparing them to those of the area consisting of uninterrupted rainforest. Another team is studying how populations and species change with altitude and the third team is conducting a full inventory of amphibians at REGUA.

Learn more about the current projects at REGUA and other news from the reserve in the February issue of REGUA’s newsletter (1.35MB – opens in new window), including:

· Protection at REGUA: Land purchase · Restoration: Reforestation · Environmental Education: Formation of young conservationists

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