has introduced a Christmas campaign to get people not to send cards but to send electronic photomovies instead, using their technology that makes it easy for anyone to ‘make something amazing and also help save the planet’. MyElephantBites will raise funds for conservation by donating to WLT a percentage of each ePhotomovie sold during the Christmas 2007 campaign, with the goal of saving 1000 acres of tropical forest. See for more information and to register. – Just registering will save 10 square feet of rainforest, at no cost to you!

This is what MyElephantBites say about their service:

MyElephantBites *takes your digital photographs and turns them into photomovies* in a matter of minutes. There are lots of creative templates to select from for different occasions. You can choose a movie genre for great special effects e.g. romance, horror, sci fi and you can also add in music as well as titles and credits. You can send a photomovie to as many people as you like and it will only cost you £2.50. *Great for sending out Christmas greetings* with no fear of missing the last post to Australia /or/ Aberdeen!

What’s brilliant is that you can email a photomovie to as many people as you like and *every photomovie made will contribute towards saving the rainforest*. (we have teamed up with *The World Land Trust* and aim to save 1000 acres of rainforest this Christmas ? with your help.) *Just registering will save 10 square feet towards this target, at no expense to you!*

Check out the photomovies on It only takes a few minutes to do something amazing and help save the planet.