*Discover the joys of wildlife spotting in Mexico’s protected reserves and the importance of safeguarding more of this rich yet threatened habitat *

A pair of Green Parakeets in GESG’s El Socavon reserve. Photo © Roberto Pedraza Ruiz.

Land purchase in Mexico has already been a great success in 2011, with two new wildlife reserves created in the first half of the year funded by World Land Trust (WLT) and managed by our partner organisation Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG). Roberto Pedraza (technical officer for GESG) recently emailed us about his visit to two of the reserves run by GESG, describing the joys of wildlife spotting and the unusual courtship displays of the Green Parakeets he witnessed. He said:


“Today was a happy day as I spent it in the El Socavon and Las Canalitas reserves. El Socavon was full of its inhabitants, the noisy and charming Green Parakeets. Even in that big place there was sometimes so much noise that I wished I had a pair of ear-covers! *There was also a ferocious fight between a pair of couples,* which I guess was about nesting issues, while other parakeets kissed for 20 minutes without breeding!”


Green Parakeets ‘kissing’ as part of their courtship display. Photo © Roberto Pedraza Ruiz.

Roberto’s email also revealed the threat that the wildlife in these reserves once faced and how *land purchase not only safeguards a single reserve, but can a have strong leverage* in protecting the surrounding environment. He said:


“Thanks to Las Canalitas reserve we recently stopped a new road being built nearby; it was a bit of fight but now the threat is behind us. *Without the purchase of the reserve in 2008, supported by World land Trust, the road would have been built,* causing further logging and destruction in a well conserved area.”


Mexico is part of WLT’s Buy and Acre appeal, *so for as little as £25 you can help protect more of this threatened habitat* and its wildlife forever.

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