One of the rewards of being a Green Ink contributor is that you get invited to occasional parties to meet the other authors and contributors. It’s part of a fervent ‘thank you’ from the World Land Trust who, after all, benefit from their generosity.

The early Summer party this year, held on May 20th in central London was a particular success, due in equal parts to a lively and talkative group of artists, agents and writers and a wonderful setting. Courtesy of *Justin Power*, head man at Wentworth Press, who generously funded the occasion, we met in Greek St. Soho, in the Union Club, an elegant eighteenth century London Townhouse. Soho was noisy and packed as we made our way to a delicious meal and some very good speeches.

Our guests were a sprinkling of the great and the good from the world of writing and publishing. Amongst the well known journalists present were *Sue McCartney Snape*, *Justine Picardie* (Vogue) *Sue Peart*, Editor of the Daily Mail’s ‘You’ Magazine, *Douglas Botting*, *Clive Aslet*, *Peregrine Worthsthorne*, *Angela Neustatter* and *Christopher Beauman*, accompanied by his wife the publisher *Nicola Beauman*.

Other publishers included *Anthony Cheetham* with his wife the agent *Georgina Capel*, and *Jonathan Self*, the Onlie Begetter of Green Ink . Best selling authors *Tony Hawks*, *Deborah Moggach* and *Jessica Mann* also lent their support. We had a strong and supportive group from the world of Natural History publishing and broadcasting including *Tim Parmenter*, *Jonathan Elphick*, *Robert Burton*, *Steven Moss* and *Cyril Walker*. The designer and illustrator *Jan Pienkowski* was also a guest as were *Moira Lubbock* and *Clive Sinclair*.

Tony Hawks made a witty speech containing some excellent jokes and stories. The Suffolk contingent had to reel off into the night at the unfairly early hour of ten thirty in order to catch the last train; much to their chagrin they later discovered that the event had been such a success that the last of the party did not leave till past two a.m…

Clearly a great success all round and thanks again to Wentworth press – we look forward to the next event in the Autumn.

Frances Donnelly