*Rainforest Auction: 16th – 22nd October*

*Did you know the 16th to 22nd October is National Giving Week in the UK?*

National Giving week encourages everyone to think about what is important to them and support a charity with those aims. This year’s National Giving Week is launching a new, thought-provoking campaign with the theme of “Give it up for …”

Fallow Deer by Bruce Pearson. One of many original Bruce Pearson art work to be auctioned on behalf of WLT.

There are already lots of things that people do to support their favourite charities, not least sending donations, but the idea that one can make a stronger commitment is an inspiring notion. What would you be willing to give up for your favourite charity? A night out with friends? Driving to work? Some of your possessions

*World Land Trust Rainforest Auction*

To coincide with National Giving week the World Land Trust holding an eBay for charity ‘Rainforest auction’ of items which have been generously given to the WLT to raise money for wildlife conservation projects.

JAGUAR print by Terry McManus to be auctioned from Monday the 16th.

The items for sale include a selection of stunning original watercolour illustrations from the “Collins Guide to Rare Mammals of the World” by renowned wildlife artist, and long-term WLT supporter, Bruce Pearson. Other items which include wildlife prints by artists such as Edward Wade, as well as the extremely rare and exclusive Carbon Balanced ‘Carbon Boy’ and ‘Carbon Girl’ t-shirts!

The auction will be running all week, from Monday the 16th to Sunday 22nd of October and will be inconjunction with MissionFish UK. So make sure you don’t miss your chance to bid for these exclusive items and* check the website from Monday for direct links to the “live” auction pages on eBay.*

*Click here to see all the Rainforest Auction lots and to bid on items from Monday the 16th*

-*Do you have anything to sell on behalf of WLT? *-

The World Land Trust is also encouraging supporters to sell their items on behalf of the charity. By registering with MissionFish you can donate a percentage of your profit to the World Land Trust whilst trading on eBay. See http://pages.ebay.co.uk/community/charity/sellerinfo.html for information on how to sign up with Missionfish and become a community seller for the World Land Trust!

*So go on, clear out your clutter, trawl through your treasure, and help support wildlife conservation in “National Giving Week!*