This year, the Punta Flecha Whaling Observatory, opened by World Land Trust (WLT) partner Fundación Patagonia Natural (FPN) in 1999, will be run *in collaboration with staff from the Dirección General de Conservación y Áreas Protegidas* (DGCAP). The DGCAP is the local governmental body that takes care of the Protected Areas network in the province of Chubut, where the observatory is located. This collaboration is a great step towards *strengthening the Protected Areas network*.

A Southern Right Whale (/Eubalaena australis/) in the waters off the Peninsula Valdes, Argentina. © Lee Dingain

Situated at 21m above sea level and surrounded by the beautiful “Las Canteras” and “El Doradillo” beaches, the *Punta Flecha Whaling Observatory reopened its doors in May and will now remain open until November. * It is a wonderful location with a fantastic view over the calm waters of the Golfo Nuevo, *one of the best areas in the world for spotting Southern Right Whales* (/Eubalaena australis/) without disturbing them or affecting their behaviour.  Every year, Southern Right whales come to these calm waters to reproduce and teach their young the first key life skills. Research, environmental education activities and tourism all take place at the observatory. *FPN and the DGCAP are encouraging the local community and tourists to visit* and make the most of this spectacular place that is so representative of the Patagonia coastal ecosystem. Staff from FPN and DGCAP will be on hand to provide visitors with information, binoculars, and maps and offer the possibility to directly listen to whale song heard using hydrophones.* *

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