A team led by Bolivian entomologist Caroli Hamel-Leigue has gathered the first ever systematic data on insect diversity and biomass in three areas of Bolivia”€™s Beni savanna.

The data will be used to inform grassland management strategies for Barba Azul Nature Reserve, which is owned and managed by Asociación Armonía, the Bolivian conservation partner of World Land Trust (WLT).

The field work took place over some three weeks in July 2015 after the ground had started to dry out. Various insect trapping methods were used to sample a broad range of taxonomic groups, including a group with excellent bioindicator properties, the /Scarabaeinae/ dung beetles.

The information gathered will be used to give a better understanding of the health of the entire ecosystem. The results of the study are being compiled and a full report will be published in due course.

This study is intended as a first step in a several-year monitoring programme that will help guide future conservation on the Barba Azul Nature Reserve.

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