*Daring jackal image wins /BBC Wildlife Magazine /Camera-trap Photo of the Year 2011 competition, in association with the World Land Trust*

Congratulations to Ken Stratford who wins the 2011 BBC Wildlife camera-trap competition, with this photo of a lion and black-backed jackal standoff. The award will go to Ongava Research Centre in Namibia. “© Ken Stratford.

A black-backed jackal confronting a young adult male lion “€“ in broad daylight: this is the incredible winning image of this year”€™s /BBC Wildlife Magazine /Camera-trap Photo competition.

The photograph by Ken Stratford is exceptional, but *more importantly it has directly raised funds for the conservation organisation he works for*, the Ongava Research Centre in Namibia.

The World Land Trust (WLT) and Páramo are delighted to award the “£3,000 prize money. John Burton, WLT”€™s CEO, said:


“€œImportantly, *this money doesn”€™t go to the individual but instead provides direct funding for conservation projects*.”€ He added: “€œThe World Land Trust works with 23 partner organisations across the world to provide funding and support for their conservation work, so we have intimate knowledge of how badly funding is needed. We have also seen first-hand the great successes achieved when funds and effort are efficiently focused.”€


*The Camera-trap Competition*

Launched in 2010, the competition has been raising awareness and funds for conservation by searching for the most exciting and revealing camera-trap images being captured by scientists around the world. The judges give particular weight to the contribution that each image makes to scientific knowledge.

*Camera-traps have revolutionised the way that conservationists study animals in the wild*, gaining intimate knowledge of their behavior and leading to some astonishing new discoveries. They are contributing enormously to scientific knowledge, hopefully leading to improved conservation of the species.

One of the competition judges, Richard Edwards the director of ARKive, said of this year”€™s winning image:


“€œWow! A real David versus Goliath confrontation. *This picture wowed the judges because it poses so many questions*: what could the jackal be “€˜thinking”€™? Is that a look of “€˜surprise”€™ on the lion”€™s face? And, of course, what happened next? A truly great piece of animal behaviour.”€


Judges included Mark Carwardine, who is a Council Member of WLT, Dan Freeman, long-term supporter and ex-BBC camera-man, and Sophie Stafford,/ BBC Wildlife/ Editor.

The winning images are published in the December issue of /BBC Wildlife Magazine, /on sale now. You can also enjoy the winners, runners-up and commended images on /BBC Wildlife Magazine”€™s /website

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