“€œFor every beautiful Christmas tree we provide this season we”€™ll plant a real tree with the World Land Trust”€, reads Enterprise Plants”€™ Christmas commitment. World Land Trust (WLT) is delighted that* Enterprise Plants, the Trust”€™s longest serving corporate sponsor, is to donate “£5 to plant a tree for every Christmas tree they provide this year*, on top of all their corporate support already in place.

With orders for more than 200 trees already on the books, and more expected, Enterprise Plants expect their *Christmas donation to WLT to be as much as “£1,500*.

The funds raised will go to WLT”€™s Plant a Tree programme which is extending the remaining areas of Atlantic Rainforest at the Guapi Assu Reserve in Brazil.

“€œThe idea of planting a tree in Brazil for every tree used to decorate an office at Christmas is perfect for us and our clients,”€ explains Chris Jenkin, Managing Director of Enterprise Plants. “€œHere at Enterprise Plants we really enjoy working with the World Land Trust and all the fabulous people there who work so hard and so cheerfully to save areas of rainforest in imminent danger of deforestation.”€

The 2012 Christmas Tree fundraiser is just one of many ways in which Enterprise Plants is supporting WLT”€™s conservation efforts, a commitment that they made as a company more than 20 years ago. *In 2010 Chris Jenkin, Enterprise Plants Managing Director and a WLT Ambassador, provided unstinting support and expertise to help create WLT”€™s gold-medal winning Atlantic Rainforest exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.*

In the same year, Chris saw the Atlantic Rainforest for himself with WLT CEO John Burton and Bill Oddie. “€œI will never forget this experience”€, said Chris, “€œwe had been flying over miles and miles of sterile [soya] plantations and agricultural land and suddenly there it was “€“ a huge swathe of green that was the Atlantic rainforest which WLT is aiming to save.”€

Enterprise Plants”€™ 2012 Christmas donation to WLT”€™s Plant a Tree in Brazil takes the company”€™s commitment to the Atlantic Rainforest one step further. *Enterprise Plants has also generously supported WLT’s Orang-utan Appeal for habitat conservation work in Borneo through their Rainforest Planters and also sponsors the production of WLT News three times a year.*