*Trunks meet Trunks*

-4th-18th September 2007 Hyde Park, London-

If you happened to be in Hyde Park in London during these dates you would have come across a rather unusual sight: a herd of life size elephants made out of willow, ‘wandering’ through the park. The 13 elephants, made from willow and stainless steel, were commissioned by London-based conservation charity: Elephant Family. Steve Manning, a topiary artist, and Joe Crane, a willow technician, took six months to create the herd at workshops in Pakenham, Suffolk. Elephant Family said the venue: Hyde Park, was an appropriate location for them as it represented the elephants’ shrinking habitat and the need to safeguard green corridors for wildlife in India.

The event was held to raise funds for awareness and conservation projects relating to elephants in India and raised in excess of £120,000 for WLT’s elephant corridor project in India, with partners, Wildlife Trust of India.

For further information on “Trunks meet Trunks” see www.trunks-meet-trunks.org – you can also look at photographs taken at the event.