Did you know that you can donate a percentage of your eBay auction sales to the World Land Trust?

*eBay for Charity* (in the UK) has been around for a while, but now the process has been made even easier: Simply log on to your eBay account and look out for the charity box when you are in the process of listing an item. For details, read the eBay for Charity guide.

The minimum donation amount has been lowered to £1 and eBay will deduct the percent you chose to donate from your sale from your listing fee. If you are a UK tax-payer WLT will receive Gift Aid as well, at no extra cost to you.

In the US, you can use *eBay Giving Works* to donate to WLT-US. The process is straight forward although a little more complicated than on eBay for Charity, so you may want to read the guide on eBay Giving Works.

So get started today and start saving acres with eBay for Charity or eBay Giving Works and the World Land Trust.