Javier Robaio tending to tree saplings in a nursery

2008 has been another successful year for the World Land Trust”€˜s carbon offsetting and tree-planting initiatives.” Through WLT”€™s reforestation programme our project partners in Ecuador, Brazil and Paraguay have planted an impressive 410,500 trees, that”€™s over 1,100 trees a day! The planting has restored some 410 hectares of degraded habitat which extends and buffers existing reserves and helps to further protect endangered species such as the Great Green Macaw and El Oro Parakeet.

Carbon offset funds raised through the Carbon Balanced programme have enabled the purchase, protection and restoration of 58 hectares of threatened land in Ecuador and Mexico. Our Mexican project partner, Grupo Ecologica Sierra Gorda, has developed an incentive scheme to deliver their offsets, paying small-scale landowners to plant up cleared land. This not only provides benefits for climate change, biodiversity and watershed protection but also a valuable income source for an impoverished Mexican community.

Forest at Buenaventura Reserve

We should all be doing what we can to reduce the emissions that we are responsible for. To this end the Carbon Balanced website has a page with links to useful energy reduction advice and greener living sites. When you have done what you can to reduce your carbon emissions, please support WLT”€™s vital habitat restoration work: Calculate and offset your unavoidable emissions with Carbon Balanced.