World Land Trust”€™s (WLT) pioneering call to “€˜buy an acre”€™ was first used at the very beginnings of WLT, when we were raising funds for Programme for Belize. Back then, in 1989, it was a new concept of saving the rainforest acre by acre, encouraging everyone to get involved.

Since then many, many people have contributed to WLT”€™s success, and every one of them “€“ whether they be founders, overseas project partners, patrons, trustees, council members, sponsors, donors, supporters, ambassadors or staff “€“ can rightly feel proud of what the Trust has achieved.

In just over two decades since that first campaign, the Trust, together with its overseas project partners, has purchased and protected more than half a million acres of threatened land worldwide.

*Little by little, small donations add up*

Back in 1989, it was possible to buy an acre for “£25. Times have changed since then, and “£25 now covers the cost of a quarter of an acre. But the principle still holds: little by little, small donations add up to a huge area of land saved for nature conservation.

Every year at Christmas, we invite WLT supporters to buy an acre as a Christmas gift for friends or family. A Christmas gift donation to the World Land Trust is the perfect green Christmas present, and one that will help safeguard some of the world”€™s most threatened habitats, animals and plants.

Today, you can support Buy an Acre projects in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico. Land purchased through Buy an Acre is permanently protected in nature reserves, owned and managed by local partner organisations. This is not a time-limited ‘adoption’ or sponsorship, these are real acres in real places.

*We hope you will support WLT this Christmas.*

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