Bill Oddie in Patagonia

*Protect Wilderness and Wildlife in Patagonia*

Did you see /Bill Oddie with penguins, Parrots & Whales/, on TV?

Would you like to *help protect this wonderful wilderness area and its wildlife*? You can, with the World Land Trust.

On Sunday 30 January 2005 BBC TV transmitted a new film, /Bill Oddie with penguins, Parrots & Whales/, which showed the wonderful diversity of the *Patagonian coastal steppe*. Much of it was filmed on the *Ranch of Hopes Wildlife Refuge*, which was purchased with funding from the World Land Trust.

*”*Everyone’s concerned about the threats to the planet but not that many people are actually getting down to *doing something that really makes a difference*. The World Land Trust is and that’s why I give them my full support.*”*

*Bill Oddie, *ornithologist and broadcaster

The World Land Trust’s local partners, the *Fundación Patagonia Natural*, now manage this reserve and it is hoped that in the very near future visitors will be able to stay on the ranch and see the magnificent wildlife for themselves. Meanwhile, the World Land Trust still needs to raise funds to pay for following:

· Wardening of the wildlife refuge; · Creation of a visitor centre; · Refurbishment of the buildings to create accommodation for visitors.

This will all ultimately lead to the reserve generating its own income and become self-supporting. But right now, *the World Land Trust urgently needs funds to continue the protection of the wildlife*. We need to ensure that the *guanacos*, as well as the *pumas* and other predators are not persecuted.

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