*Celebrating his daughter’s love of animals, author Kevin Price has created an inspirational story that will help save endangered habitat and wildlife worldwide with the World Land Trust (WLT).* /The Beauty Contest at the Zoo/ is a beautifully written story* about a little girl, Maisie, and her love for all the animals she meets at the zoo.* Launching his first book, author Kevin Price was inspired by his daughter Maisie Maria, whose young life was cut short suddenly last year.

The Beauty Contest at the Zoo front cover © Kevin Price/Vicky Fieldhouse

Capturing Maisie’s passion, the book tells the joyful story of a game she plays with the zoo’s animals as they compete in a beauty competition. As she struggles to judge the final winner, *Maisie realises that all the animals have their unique beauty*. Written in rhyme and *wonderfully illustrated by Vicky Fieldhouse*, the animals’ characteristics are depicted perfectly. Brimming with memorable characters, like Bertie the Zookeeper and the entertaining Meerkats, the story will capture every child’s imagination. Although the animals live in a zoo, *Kevin is keen to highlight the need to protect animals in the wild*. As a dedicated supporter of the World Land Trust (WLT), he asked our Head of Communications, Viv Burton, to write a poem for the end of the story to highlight the importance of saving endangered habitats.  The poem reminds children that:


/“While Bertie keeps animals safe in the zoo,/ /The future of the wild ones rests with me and you.”/


Maisie and Bertie support the World Land Trust © Kevin Price/Vicky Fieldhouse

Kevin is *donating a minimum of 25p per copy from the sale of each book to WLT*, helping to raise funds for the *Keepers of the Wild appeal*. Funds from the appeal will go towards reserve rangers, who do vital work to protect, manage and conserve the land that WLT helps purchase. /The Beauty Contest at the Zoo/ costs just £5.99 from Amazon and a range of bookshops and other retail outlets*. *

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To buy your copy today contact us on 01986 874422 or send a cheque to: World Land Trust, Blyth House, Bridge Street, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 8AB. Learn more about Maisie and The Beauty Contest at the Zoo on Anglia Regional News